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Austin Woman

Not Your Model Minority: The Women of collective blue

May 2019 - Through digital storytelling and community events, the women of Collective Blue are challenging the narrative of what it means to be an Asian American female and entrepreneur in Austin.


Austin Chronicle

Lifestyle Brand collective blue Supports Diverse Creators in Austin

February 2019 - By producing dynamic events and sharing refreshing stories, the eloquent, successful and humble duo are growing a name for themselves.



Austin Inno’s 25 Under 25

September 2018 - One of the best ways to understand a tech ecosystem — and it’s future — is to take a look at a city’s youngest entrepreneurs.


Voyage Houston

Art & Life with Nina Ho

September 2018 - Looking back, my background growing up in Houston and being an immigrant shaped my passion for championing diversity and inclusion today – especially in spaces such as entrepreneurship, technology, and the arts.


Texas Lifestyle Magazine

Austin Creatives Come Together For Community

April 2017 - The fight to keep Austin grounded and colorful seems downright futile at times. But it’s a fight that the people of collective blue won’t be backing down from any time soon.


Austin Monthly

20 in Their 20s

April 2014 - Ranging in age from 20 to 29, these exceptional folks have already accomplished more than most people twice their age.


Business Insider

20 in Their 20s

December 2013 - The school slogan at the University of Texas at Austin is "what starts here changes the world." These 17 students don't just aspire to this motto, they live it.


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